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DS Variflow

The multi-nozzle VARIflow® Desuperheater was developed to combine excellent water atomization and high rangeability. Many processes require load variations greater than those offered by a simple mechanical desuperheater with constant area, but do not necessarily need the performance of more sophisticated and expensive devices. The Variflow® desuperheater bridges this performance gap between the limited capacity of a fixed-area mechanical sprayer and much more sophisticated high-performance solutions.

DS Variflow.png

DM Varispring

The VariSpring® desuperheater, with spring-assisted variable area nozzles, from ValtekSul, minimizes the limitations of desuperheaters with constant area nozzles. In the variable area nozzles when the cooling water enters the spray head there is a differential pressure between the water pressure and the vapor pressure. When this Δp exceeds a predetermined value, the differential force causes a compression in the nozzle spring allowing the proportional opening of the plug. This flow of water through the nozzle is dispersed and atomized by the taper of the plug causing a spraying of the cooling water into tiny particles, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the evaporation process.

DM - Varispring.png

DY Varispray

The VariSpray set is a fixed area desuperheater that injects water through holes incorporated in a nozzle inside a Venturi body, causing excellent dynamic spraying of the cooling water.
The VariSpray desuperheater is intended mainly for processes with low flow variations, such as: sealing the turbine shaft and heat exchangers, achieving precise temperature control.

DESSUPER 200px h.png

DY VariBull

The DM VariBull® Desuperheater consists of a collecting tube mounted on the main steam pipe. Robust and compact, it is used in numerous applications with efficient cooling performance of superheated vapors at the desired control point.
The DM VariBull® Desuperheater can be built with different configurations of the location of the nozzles, as well as with different intrinsic flow capacities that provide a high and efficient system performance. The arrangement and location of the nozzles is strategically carried out to achieve an optimal combination that provides a rapid vaporization of the cooling water injected by the nozzles.

DM - Varibull.jpg